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Greetings, dear readers!

The following is a continuation of our blog series “Reflections from the Heart of the Feminine.” If you’re just joining us you may want to start here.


Quotation from Chapter 11 for Reflection and Discussion:

One of our greatest longings is to have our own voice, one that speaks of our greatest values with strength, clarity, compassion, and understanding. I want a voice like that and more. I want a voice that can also speak with authority, tenderness, love, joy, sorrow, anger, respect, and humor. I want a voice of my own that expresses the fullness of who I am. And I believe, my husband believes, and the people I have worked with believe that gaining this voice is worth every step in the struggle.


Questions for Journaling and Group Discussion:

How far back in your life does your “longing to be heard” go?

Was there a time, when out of frustration, you even stopped listening to yourself…to your own longing?

Can you believe that having your own voice is worth the journey and the struggle?

To get a good introduction to the Death Mother archetype, watch Massimilla’s lecture on the topic:



A Jungian book to heal the wounded feminine archetype

“In this compelling book, Jungian analysts Massimilla and Bud Harris explore the power of the Death Mother complex that ‘drains our energy, saps our vitality, and drags us down.’ Drawing upon personal experience, clinical practice, archetypal stories, and the myth of Medusa, the authors describe not only the paralyzing effects of the Death Mother complex, but the steps needed to transform it into healing and vitalizing energy. This engaging, moving work offers wisdom to both men and women who seek to liberate their deepest creative potential.”
– Susan Olson, Jungian analyst and author of By Grief Transformed: Dreams and the Mourning Process

Learn more about the book…

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