Facing the Apocalypse by Bud Harris, Jungian Anaylyst

A Call for Outrageous Courage, Love, and Compassion

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What does it really mean to face a crisis of biblical proportions, the apocalypse we are currently in?

Dr. Bud Harris, Jungian analyst, prolific writer, teacher, and healer of souls brings us face to face with this challenging question. Through his decades of experience and the teachings of Carl Jung he guides us into understanding the structure of the apocalypse we are experiencing and the destructive course it is taking as we continue down the road of self-deception. Focusing on the essential quote from Jung, ”Where love stops, power begins and violence, and terror,” he shows us the personal and collective darkness that is being unveiled. Then he leads us onto the healing path to restore love in a power-driven world and to change our fate—the path of outrageous courage, love, and compassion.

Facing the Apocalypse gives us profound insights into understanding and dealing with the radical changes we face today. Inspiring wisdom and practical approaches give us a fresh look toward creating meaningful love for ourselves and casting out our fears of change and others. Dr. Harris’ invitations for reflection are like an open dialog with the reader, as he offers prompts for personal reflections and journaling.

This small but powerful book was borne out of Dr. Harris’ personal mission: to call for love in treacherous times.

Bud Harris, Ph.D. Jungian analyst and author in Asheville, NC.

As a Jungian analyst, writer, and teacher Dr. Harris has been a leader for over forty years in helping people grow through and beyond their challenges. In a world stricken by chaos, fear, turmoil and denial, Dr. Harris summons our deepest wisdom to face and explain the reality we are facing. Combining his decades of personal and professional experience he ignites and inspires us, lighting the way through darkness.

“Bud Harris is a lantern on the path—clear-eyed, big-hearted, and illuminating.”
—Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way

“This book is a chalice overflowing with courage, compassion, and love. In it, Bud Harris encapsulates a Jungian perspective on the severe apocalyptic conditions of our world today in only 130 pages. Yet there’s enough wisdom and practical advice here to inspire years of reflection and action. To paraphrase Dr. Harris’s closing remarks, “Reading this book will be a short but intense journey for most readers.” Indeed, many of his observations and questions gave me the shivers. And well they should. Because this inspiring guide calls each reader to seize the outrageous courage and compassion lying dormant within us all and use them to redirect the apocalyptic trajectory of our world from power to love. May it be so.”
—Jean Benedict Raffa Ed.D., Author of the award winning Healing the Sacred Divide, and The Soul’s Twins: Emancipate Your Feminine and Masculine Archetypes.


“Can there by any doubt that we are living in apocalyptic times? We must then ask about what inner resources we can draw on to face our situation. Dr. Harris has drawn on his personal experiences as a Jungian analyst to identify and illustrate the inner resources of courage, love, and compassion to confront our apocalyptic times. Each chapter of the book ends with “Thoughts and Questions” to help us ponder the insightful material covered. This book is a helpful and practical guide to the times we are living through.”
—J Linn Mackey, PhD, Emeritus Professor at Appalachian State University


“Bud Harris leads us gently and practically into facing courage, love and compassion during these days of pandemic, violence, fear and radical changes. Jungian psychological insight, amplified by biblical, spiritual and other wisdom writers, is given in understandable terms for the average person.”
—G. Keith Parker, PhD, Jungian Analyst, Pastoral Counselor, and Author


“In Facing the Apocalypse, Dr. Bud Harris performs a forensic analysis of the root causes of our current global crisis and mentors a solution for transforming it. Dr. Harris has brilliantly detailed and defined the collective foundational drift that has steered us away from the integrity of heart and spirit resulting in the predictable disintegration and disorientation of life as we knew it. He offers a psycho-spiritual map to facilitate our individual and collective transformation, necessary to restore and realign ourselves with a renewed and conscious way of living in the world. From a Jungian perspective, the precision and direction he provides to navigate this apocalyptic time, offers a psycho-spiritual map that aligns us with our Deep Self, the only place where we can recover meaning and reclaim our health and integrity.”
—Kalpana (Rose) Kumar M.D., Founder and Medical Director of The Ommani Center for Integrative Medicine and Author of Becoming Real: Reclaiming Our Health in Midlife


“Incisive, awakening, hopeful: Dr. Harris shares his wise perspective in his latest book, Facing the Apocalypse: A Call for Outrageous Courage, Love, and Compassion. It serves to guide us toward an understanding of where we are, how we got here, and how to push through with courage during this time of global crises of apocalyptic proportions. He encourages us to engage our individual and collective powers of outrageous love and compassion to transform ourselves and to bring us through to our new lives of purpose. Be courageous.”
—Sim Cozart, DDS, Community Organizer and Activist

Table of Contents


Part One: Unveiling Reality


The Role of the Apocalypse

A Personal Experience of an Apocalypse

Part Two: Facing the Heart of Darkness

Facing Reality

Understanding This Apocalypse

Part Three: Initiating a Whole New Life

Cultivating Outrageous Courage

Cultivating Outrageous Love

One—The Healing Power of Self-Love

Two—Love Must Be Strong

Cultivating Outrageous Compassion

Part Four: Accepting the Challenges of the Heart