Bud and Massimilla HarrisWe are practicing Jungian analysts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As graduates of the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, we have worked extensively with people on relationship problems, personal issues, dreams, and individuation for many years. While people come to see us initially because of problems and difficulties that often include symptoms like depression, relationship problems, or career change, our work focuses on enabling the higher development of the person through fostering C.G. Jung’s Individuation process. This process renews our personal consciousness and helps us examine all of our assumptions about ourselves and our lives, and assists us in growing beyond our difficulties and in uncovering our hidden potentials.

In order to share this important work and and make Jung’s concepts more available to the general reader, we are also passionate authors. The need for respecting and healing the feminine in ourselves and our culture has been a key area of focus for us. Together and separately, we have authored over 20 books and have lectured widely.

Books on Jungian Psychology, Individuation, Personal Growth, and Mythology

Into the Heart of the Feminine - A Jungian book to heal the wounded feminine archetype Sacred Selfishness: A Guide to Living a Life of Substance Book cover - Love and Power: A Guide for Cultivating the Values of the Heart

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The Care and Cure of Souls

In June 2023 I was invited by Bishop Mark Chironna to participate in The Issachar Initiative, a conference on “The Care and Cure of Souls.” The online conference brought together a multicultural, trans-generation group of pastoral leaders and academic scholars …
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