Students Under Siege: The Real Reasons Behind America's Ongoing Mass Shootings and How to Stop ThemThe Real Reasons Behind America’s Ongoing Mass Shootings and How to Stop Them

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  • What can citizens do to stop school shootings in America?
  • Who or what is to blame for the ongoing massacres?
  • Why do so many Americans own military-grade assault weapons?
  • Why do some Americans become mass murderers?
  • Where can we find the answers?

Every child has the right to be safe in school. It is our duty as adults to protect our children to our best ability and we are failing miserably in that task. As the terrifying number of mass shootings grows in our culture, Jungian analyst Bud Harris challenges Americans to drop their collective denial, come out from under the bed, and confront the realities creating this nightmare.

Dr. Bud Harris examines causes and solutions for these ongoing mass murders and posits that the rational answer is not to “confiscate weapons,” as the gun lobby falsely asserts, but rather to take an unflinching look at the deep rage propelling these shooters — and then to act. He urges citizens to face our collective demons and no longer allow our political polarization to dictate a deep-seated sense that we as individuals, and as a society, no longer control our own destinies.

He explains that pervasive feelings of anxiety, powerlessness, and alienation have paralyzed the country’s leaders and its communities. The mistake, he says, is to continue invoking our classic American optimism, blindly believing that all will be well in the end, if we just endure. Instead, Harris urges us to be starkly realistic about where we’ve arrived as a culture and make critical changes now in the highest power structures of our nation.

It is time for us to have the courage to face our failures and prove we value our children.