A liberating view of fatherhood which draws on rituals, mythology and religion to challenge us to uniqueness and courage. A life-changing guide into the spirit of fatherhood for women and men.

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“Give this book to fathers you know. It leads us from the world ‘made’ and ‘given’, the world of false fatherhood, to the world ‘created’ as the true father’s challenge for a passion for life.”
– Dirk Evers, Ph.D., Training Analyst, C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich

“A life-changing book! Bud Harris leads us into the deep and yearned for spirit of Fatherhood that inspires us to live life with conscious passion.”
– Les Rhodes, M.A., AAMFT, CFLE Psychotherapist

“Liberating! As a father of four and a general internist, I have found this book of immeasurable help personally and for my patients.”
– Joseph M. Kovaz, M.D., Internist

“A book to be read slowly and mused over, that meets us where we are and gives guideposts, not easy answers, to help us determine what is significant to us.”
– J.Timothy May Divisional President, May Apparel Company




1. Fatherhood: An Image Lost, A Challenge Discovered

Life Today: Finding the Creative Choice
The Odyssey—A Quest for Maturity and Wholeness

2. The Chain of Suffering and Illusions of Healing

Father Wounds and the Importance of Betrayal

3. The Meaning of Fatherhood: A Vision Obscured

Identity Requires Societal Support
Courage: The Meaning of Ordeals and Suffering
Nourishing Life: Spirituality and Instruction
A Note for Women
Sexuality: The Abandonment of the Sacred

4. Past, Present and Future: Life’s Perspective

The Cycle of Life
Adolescence—The Gift of Renewal
Values and Kinship


5. Marking the Territory: The Psychology of Fatherhood

Father and Mother
Father as A Model
The Father as a Persona Model for the Son
Father and the Daughter’s Animus

6. Face-to-Face, Toe-to-Toe: The Search for Identity

Absent Father—Substitute Identity
Father Love—Nurturing, Destroying, Empowering
Reality and Being a Father

7. Fatherhood and the Courage to Stand for Life

Courage and Agression Tempered by the Heart

8. A Heart of Fame: Transformation and the Transcendent Father

Kingship—Nobility of the Human Spirit
The Dual Nature of FATHERHOOD—Authority Versus AUTHORITY
Grandfather—The Wise Old Man
Suffering and Grief
Summary—Seven Houses of the Father

9. A Heart of Love: Reconciliation, the Spirit of Fatherhood

The Spirit of Fatherhood