Like Gold Through Fire

by Bud Harris and Massimilla Harris

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Once we discover our ability to discriminate between neurotic suffering, developmental suffering, natural suffering, and transcendent suffering, we will become open to joy and fulfillment

“A Herculean work . . . whose purpose is to help us fathom the depth of this mystery in our own hearts. The Harrises, in this marvelous book, help us begin this holy work.”

– Robert Sardello, Ph.D., Author of Facing the World with Soul and Love and the Soul

“A profound and moving book . . . Seldom since Carl Jung himself have any authors undertaken such an important and difficult subject from a perspective that combines religion and psychology.”

– J.Linn Mackey, Ph.D., Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Appalachian State University

“This book is a blessing! I keep it close at hand in my work as a psychotherapist and as one learning to dance with a chronic illness.”

– Les Rhodes, M.A., AAMFT, CFLE Psychotherapist

“A book to heal so many wounds of misunderstood suffering. Suffering not as blame, punishment or mysteriously meaningful, but as the painful transformation into our innermost truth.”

– Dirk Evers, Ph.D., Training Analyst, C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich


1. Introduction: Pain, Suffering, Transformation and Joy

2. The Search for Ourselves: Suffering, Healing, and Growth

3. The Fabric of Our Lives: Suffering in Mythology

4. Fire and Emptyness: Suffering in Religions

5. The Cosmic Pilgrimage: Jesus Christ and the Cross Illustrate Transformation
Through Time

6. The Secret Initiation: Suffering as Mystery

7. Conclusion: Opening the Heart, Tempering the Soul