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I define Sacred Selfishness as valuing ourselves enough to develop into “authentic” human beings who give back vitality and hope to the people around us. It is acquiring what Emerson refers to as “character—a reserved force which acts directly by presence, and without means.”

In my early thirties, I was “restless and generally dissatisfied.” I was terrified that the rest of my life would “consist of going to work, meetings, church, soccer games, and vacations . . . simply adjusting to what my family or society describes as a ‘good life.'” This full-blown crisis led me into therapy and began a lifelong quest to become a person of substance.

In Sacred Selfishness, I delve into classic quest stories to show that on the path of “renewed personal consciousness,” we must examine all assumptions about ourselves and our lives to uncover our hidden potential. True change must come from within, and no mere outer change can solve our problems.

Attaining self-knowledge both softens and strengthens us, and helps us love and appreciate life and other people. It affirms and enriches our choices of partners, vocations, and life-styles. “When the inner quest brings change, we can be comforted by knowing it’s authentic, has been carefully thought through, and values our past and other people.” This is the path of Sacred Selfishness.



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by Bud Harris, Ph.D. with Gail Rogers, M.A.
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Interview and Call-ins recording of radio show “Inner Vision” with Dr. Nita Vallens KPFK (NPR Affiliate) 90.7 FM, Los Angeles
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