Dr. Bud Harris Featured on Explorer Poet Podcast

Jungian Analyst Dr. Bud Harris in his office in Asheville, NC


The Explorer Poet Podcast episode #37

“Bud has written dozens of books, including Sacred Selfishness, Into the Heart of the Feminine, and Becoming a Love Warrior. Through his writing, Bud shares what he’s learned about living a life of passion and love, fueled by self-knowledge and awareness. I truly enjoyed our conversation and I hope you do as well.

“In our conversation we discussed power and love being opposites, fear, happiness, empathy, religion, compassion, strength, myth, stories, individuality in a collective society, self development, writing, growing old, regrets, value and being truly engaged in the life that we are living to make something happen.”
Josh Mortensen, Explorer Poet

Listen to the episode:

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