Facing the Death Mother Lecture Video

A Guide for Healing Our Feminine Selves and Moving from Paralysis to Full Vitality and Creativity

A lecture by Dr. Massimilla Harris, Ph.D., Zurich-trained Jungian Analyst and Author

Facing the Death Mother, healing the feminine On October 28-29, 2011, Massimilla led her lecture and workshop titled “Facing the Death Mother.” The response for this event was great, and we are pleased to announce that a recording of the lecture is now available for you to watch.

Renewing the wounding of the feminine on a personal and societal level is one of the most important challenges for men and women today. Yet, due to the wounding of this great archetypal force we continue to experience the deadly influence of the Death Mother which entraps us, kills our initiative, spirits, creativity and vitality.

This journey will focus on the very human and psychological dimensions of how the Death Mother in our culture, the wounded mothering we experienced and the results we internalized captures our lives. This healing path is based on the classic myth of Medusa, enriched with personal experiences and psychological insights that open our direction toward healing and renewed personal consciousness. It will help us examine our assumptions about ourselves and our lives in order to move from paralysis to full vitality and creativity — and most of all to a deeper love of ourselves, others and life.

Into the Heart of the Feminine: An Archetypal Journey to Renew Strength, Love and CreativityThe material from this lecture is the basis of Massimilla’s  book Into the Heart of the Feminineco-written with her husband Bud Harris, Ph.D.. Purchase your copy at amazon.com.

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