Knowing the Questions, Living the AnswersPaperback: $16.99
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Knowing the Questions and Living the Answers Means Accepting the Paradoxes of Peace, Love and Conflict that Mark Our Lifetimes. This book is about learning to hear and interpret the nudging and out-and-out messages of that inner blueprint, which Dr. Harris defines as the “pattern of creation longing to be fulfilled within each of us.” The more faithful we are in working to discern this personal pattern of ours (the Jungians have named this work the individuation process), the less buffeted by fate, or life’s Pattern-at-Large, we will be. That doesn’t mean our awareness can bring immunity from the cataclysms and heartbreaks the Wheel of Fortune has in store for every one of us at some time or another.

The message in Knowing the Questions, Living the Answers is that the more conscious we become of the personal patterns, the better able we will be to live the answers to life’s questions rather than just suffering through them and learning nothing from them or about them. Accessible and satisfying. We immediately trust Dr. Harris as he reflects’ on life.

Gail Godwin, author