Book: An Open Letter to the Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High SchoolDo We Have the Courage to Face Our Failures and Prove We Value Our Children?

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This short work is a challenge to face the reality behind our shock and heartbreak, to understand the core of what is happening in our culture, and how to take a major step forward together in caring for each other. Every child has the right to be safe in school. School murders, church murders, and other mass murders are one of the most important challenges facing us today. Dr. Harris explores how our common pain should lead to a determined effort to understand the very core of these heartbreaking events, to come to a common purpose and then take action. He also explores the factors and failures that have manifested in the anxious desire to have military grade weapons on a massive scale. This work journeys deep into the human, social, and psychological dimensions of how a mass murderer is formed. Dr. Harris helps us trace the painful influences and failures that have brought us to this place of danger and heartbreak. He offers us the opportunity to accept the hard realities and challenges necessary to restructure our culture’s value system into one where we care for each other and prove to our children we value them.